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Maharaj Bagh Zoo, Nagpur (Timing, History, Entry Fees)

Maharaj Bagh Zoo holds a special place in Nagpur’s rich history as one of the oldest zoos in India. Established in 1863 by the Bhonsle rulers as a private collection of animals and exotic birds, it was later opened for public viewing in the early 1900s. Today, the zoo stands testament to Nagpur’s natural heritage with a vast range of mammals, reptiles and birds native to the region.

Tracing the History of Maharaj Bagh Zoo

The land that Maharaj Bagh Zoo currently occupies was once a picturesque garden known as ‘Maharaj Bagh’ attached to the Bhonsle ruler’s palace. In 1863, they created a private menagerie and nursery on this land with species brought from across India and abroad.

It housed elephants, bears, deer, lions, tigers as well as ornamental birds and plants. This served as a precursor to the modern zoo that was ultimately opened to the public in 1908. The Bhonsle rulers bequeathed Maharaj Bagh and the zoo to the Nagpur Municipal Corporation, which has maintained this park over the last century.

Over the years, major renovation work has been undertaken at Maharaj Bagh Zoo including building newer enclosures, veterinary hospital for animals as well as beautification drives. Spread over sprawling 13 acres today, Maharaj Bagh Zoo is located right in the heart of Nagpur city near the railway station.

Attractions at The Zoo That Delight All Ages

Maharaj Bagh Zoo is home to nearly 100 species of mammals, birds and reptiles – both native and exotic. It provides them ample open enclosures that resemble their natural habitats. The zoo authorities ensure world-class care and medical attention to the animals.

The key highlights include:

Royal Bengal Tigers
The regal Bengal tigers are the top attraction at the zoo. The tiger enclosure mimics the Nagzira wildlands with rocky terrain and small water bodies. You can spot the majestic felines strolling or lazing around.

There is huge separate enclosure housing two Indian leopards. Watch them pacing the area with occasional sprints or clawing the tree trunks. The lush green backdrop recreates their exotic lair.

Reptiles & Birds
The Reptile House features giant rock pythons, vipers, cobras and more unique snake species. One can also see marsh crocodiles basking in the sun. The aviary section has brilliant peacocks, hornbills, parrots and other birds.

Besides these, there are Himalayan black bears, jungle cats, civets, barking deer as well as exotic species like emu. The natural settings of their enclosures coupled with hunting and nesting behaviour make it highly educative.

Ideal For Learning & Leisure

Maharaj Bagh Zoo has huge scope for awareness about wildlife conservation. One gets to observe these endangered species from close quarters. Their natural movements in near-to-nature habitats demonstrate key animal behaviours.

This zoo is ideal for school excursions and family trips due to proximity to main city. Visitors can easily spend 2-3 hours exploring every section at leisurely pace. The lush green spaces double up as urban park offering relief from congested cityscapes. People of all ages and interests -from kids to wildlife enthusiasts – have a memorable time here.

Maharaj Bagh Zoo Entry Fees & Other Information

Entry fee is INR 20 for adults and INR 10 for children below 12 years. Additional charges apply for cameras and videography. There are several benches, cafeteria and public facilities available within the zoo premises.

Maharaj Bagh Zoo Timings

Wednesday9 am–5 pm
Thursday9 am–5 pm
Friday9 am–5 pm
Sunday9 am–5 pm
Monday9 am–5 pm
Tuesday9 am–5 pm

Location of Maharaj Bagh Zoo, Nagpur

In conclusion, Maharaj Bagh Zoo is among Nagpur’s most iconic attractions that adults and children enjoy visiting for an intriguing rendezvous with rich flora and fauna. A must-include when exploring the top sightseeing places in Nagpur city.

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