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Nestled in the heart of Maharashtra, Nagpur, often referred to as the “Orange City,” beckons with a myriad of captivating experiences for visitors. Beyond its famed citrus fruits, Nagpur boasts a tapestry of attractions that promise an enriching journey. Explore the city’s highlights with this guide to the top things to do in Nagpur.


Explore Dhamma Chakra Stupa

Also known as Deeksha Bhumi, this stupa is a magnificent architectural structure capable of accommodating over 5,000 people. Constructed from Dhaulpur sandstone, marbles, and granites, it stands tall at 120 feet. This sacred Buddhist site serves as a tribute to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s mass conversion ceremony in 1956. The grandeur and spiritual significance of this architectural wonder make it a must-visit destination.


Sail Away on Futala Lake

Futala Lake, Nagpur’s foremost aquatic sanctuary, sprawls across 60 acres of scenic beauty. Renowned not only in Nagpur but also across Maharashtra, the lake is celebrated for its enchanting atmosphere and allure. One of its standout features is the vibrant fountains, which, when illuminated, create a mesmerizing spectacle.


Journey to the Geographical Heart – Zero Mile Stone

The Zero Mile Marker is a monument erected by the British during the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India. This structure consists of a pillar, a small stone marking the zero mile point, and four stucco horses. Despite the lack of evidence confirming it as the precise geographical center of India, the Zero Mile Stone provides an intriguing subject for a photographic expedition. The monument, adorned with its four horse statues, creates a captivating backdrop for capturing memorable snapshots, inviting you to embark on a visual journey to this symbolic landmark.


Gaze at the Stars in Raman Science Center Planetarium

The Raman Science Centre, affiliated with Mumbai’s Nehru Science Centre, is an interactive science center in Nagpur. Established on March 7, 1992, it aims to foster a scientific attitude among the masses. The planetarium, operational since January 5, 1997, invites you to explore the cosmos. Enjoy captivating shows on stars and space travel, engage with interactive science exhibits, and peruse an art gallery that delves into Nagpur’s rich cultural heritage.


Stroll Amidst Nature at Maharajbagh Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Dating back to the Bhonsle era, Maharajbagh Zoo and Botanical Gardens sprawl across 168 acres. Encounter exotic animals, discover endemic plants, and enjoy a boat ride on the lake, creating a harmonious blend of nature and wildlife.


Marvel at the Architectural Splendor of Akshardham Temple

Admire the intricate carvings of the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple, a pink sandstone and white marble masterpiece. Explore the detailed mandir, exhibitions, and musical fountains that make it a captivating spiritual attraction.


Rejuvenate at Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden

Immerse yourself in tranquility at the Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden, paying homage to the legendary Indian vocalist. Stroll amidst flower beds, enjoy the musical light show, and relish the timeless tunes of Lata Mangeshkar.


Trek Seminary Hills for Panoramic Views

For breathtaking city views, trek up Seminary Hills, nestled in the heart of Nagpur. Encounter ancient temples like the Pataleshwar Temple and the Hanuman temple at the peak, providing a panoramic perspective of the city.


Trek Through Ambazari Lake’s Enchanting Jungles

Situated on the southwest border of Nagpur, Ambazari Lake stands as the largest among the city’s eleven lakes. Visitors can enjoy boating on rowboats or opt for self-driven paddleboats. Immerse yourself in the charm of Ambazari Lake, Nagpur’s largest waterbody. Whether navigating its waters by boat or trekking along picturesque trails, the lake offers a serene retreat in the midst of nature, beckoning adventure enthusiasts to discover the beauty of its surrounding forests.


Indulge in Nagpur’s Irresistible Street Food

While Nagpur may not be widely recognized for its street food, it boasts some must-try local delicacies. Indulge in the culinary delights of Nagpur’s street food scene, featuring gems like the flavorful Saoji curry, poha, patodi, keema, and the renowned Nagpuri samosa. Though not necessarily considered gourmet, these dishes tantalize the taste buds with a unique blend of flavors, showcasing the city’s rich gastronomic diversity.


Uncover History at Ramtek Fort Temple

Ascend to the ancient Ramtek Fort Temple, perched atop a hill with panoramic views. Steeped in mythology, it’s believed to be a resting place for Lord Rama. Discover relics in the museum and traverse nature trails for an immersive experience.


Escape to Khekranala Hill Station for Adventure

Renowned as an ideal trekking destination, Khrekanala is situated at a distance of about 60 kms from the city of Nagpur. A perfect spot to enjoy nature, Khekranala has a beautiful dam on a picturesque blue lake and a wide variety of fauna. This place is also famous for various water sporting activities.


Brave the Rapids at Khindsi Lake

Venture to Khindsi Lake, 40 km from Nagpur, for an adrenaline-packed day of white water rafting, kayaking, jet skiing, banana boat rides, and more. It’s a hub for thrill-seekers looking to quench their adventure thirst.


Luxuriate in Waki Woods with Glamping

Escape the urban hustle to the picturesque Waki Woods, just 30 km away. Indulge in a weekend of glamping in luxury tents, coupled with activities like zip-lining, archery, fishing, and scenic hikes.


Experience Retail Therapy: Go Mall Hopping in Nagpur

Indulge in retail therapy at Nagpur’s sleek malls, catering to avid shoppers. Central Mall, Empress City Mall, Eternity Mall, and VR Mall offer a diverse array of global brands, restaurants, entertainment zones, and movie theaters all conveniently under one roof.

Best Places to Eat in Nagpur

Intricately woven with natural beauty, cultural treasures, delectable cuisine, and thrilling adventures, Nagpur promises an unforgettable holiday. The “Orange City” invites every traveler to create lasting memories. So, why wait? Plan your Nagpur itinerary today and unlock the charm of this vibrant city!

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