Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple

Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple

Dragon Palace Temple, Nagpur

Situated in the vicinity of Nagpur in Kamptee, Maharashtra lies the magnificent Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple. This grandiose temple and acclaimed tourist attraction boasts of Chinese-inspired architecture in its construct. With its regal ambience and spiritual energy, the temple captivates all its visitors.

Architecture and Design

Also hailed as the Dragon Temple or Lung Fa Temple, the chief structure of the temple stands tall at approximately 65 feet comprising of two floors. The ground floor houses a sprawling meditation hall while the first floor contains the principal temple and an effigy of Lord Buddha. Intricate carvings of flowers, dragons, and Buddhist symbols embellish the walls and pillars of the temple. The architecture brilliantly blends Buddhist and Chinese styles.

Temple Complex and Facilities

In addition to the main temple, the expansive complex also encompasses guest rooms for lodging, a monastery for monks, a well-stocked library, a museum displaying Chinese art and ancient artifacts, and a picnic area for visitors to relax in. The facilities provide everything needed for a comfortable and informative visit.

Activities and Significance

The temple frequently organizes cultural activities and meditation programs. Each year, millions of tourists including Buddhists from within India and overseas throng to the Dragon Palace Temple. It has emerged as an important holy site for Buddhists to offer prayers and gain knowledge about Buddhism.

Architectural and Spiritual Significance

The Dragon Palace Temple is acclaimed as a architectural masterpiece representing the blend of Buddhist architecture with Chinese design on Indian soil. Both architecturally and spiritually, it is a treasure that provides serenity and divine presence to all who visit.

Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple Timings

Saturday10 am–7 pm
Sunday10 am–7 pm
Monday10 am–7 pm
Tuesday10 am–7 pm
Wednesday10 am–7 pm
Thursday10 am–7 pm
Friday10 am–7 pm

Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple Nagpur Entry Fee

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Location of Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple

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