Telankhedi Hanuman Temple

Telankhedi Hanuman Temple

Introduction to Telankhedi Hanuman Temple

Telankhedi Hanuman Temple is an ancient Hindu temple located in Telankhedi village near Nagpur, Maharashtra. It is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is considered highly sacred by devotees. The temple is situated on the banks of Kanhan river and attracts a large number of pilgrims from across the country.

History and Significance

The Telankhedi Hanuman temple is believed to be built in the 12th century during the reign of the Vakataka dynasty. It is said that Lord Hanuman once visited this place and rested on the banks of Kanhan river. A temple was later constructed at this spot by devotees.

Over the centuries, the temple gained significance and many legends became associated with it. The temple architecture depicts scenes from the Ramayana and life of Lord Hanuman. The sanctum houses a majestic 13 feet tall idol of Hanuman in a seated posture.

Temple Architecture and Structures

The Telankhedi temple showcases beautiful Hemadpanti style architecture. The main temple complex includes a mandapa hall with intricately carved pillars and the inner sanctum housing the Hanuman idol.

Other notable structures in the temple premises include the Mahamandapa hall, Sabhamandapa, Natyamandapa and Kakshasana. There are also several smaller shrines dedicated to other deities. The intricately carved doorways, decorated ceilings and embellished pillars showcase remarkable sculptural skills.

Major Festivals and Rituals

Some of the important festivals celebrated at the temple include Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti and the Maghi Purnima fair. During these events, the temple is beautifully decorated and special prayers, puja rituals and cultural programs are organized.

The regular rituals followed at the temple include the early morning aarti, maha aarti and shej aarti along with the offering of flowers, sweets and coconuts to the deity. Special abhishekams are also performed on auspicious occasions.

How to Reach

Telankhedi is 15 kms from Nagpur Airport & 5 kms from railway station. The temple can be reached by hired taxis and buses from Nagpur city.


In conclusion, the ancient Telankhedi Hanuman temple is a historically and religiously significant site in Maharashtra. The exquisite temple architecture and elaborate rituals attract pilgrims from far and wide. A visit to this temple provides a peaceful experience and allows one to connect with the rich culture and heritage of the region.

Telankhedi Hanuman Temple Timings

All Days06:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Telankhedi Hanuman Temple, Nagpur Entry Fee

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Location of Telankhedi Hanuman Temple, Nagpur

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