Ganesh tekdi temple


Ganesh tekdi temple, Nagpur


The Ganesh Tekdi Temple is located atop a hillock in Nagpur, Maharashtra. ‘Tekdi’ means hill in Marathi. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is a highly revered shrine in the region. In fact, it is one of the most iconic temples in Nagpur.

Architecture and Design

Additionally, the temple showcases intricate stone carvings, mural paintings of mythological tales, finely carved pillars and doorways. The main shrine houses the idol of Ganesha and smaller shrines are dedicated to other deities like Shiva, Parvati and Krishna. The architecture follows traditional designs seen in many temples across Maharashtra.

Religious Significance

Moreover, the Ganesh Tekdi Temple holds major religious significance among locals and tourists visiting Nagpur. In fact, large crowds throng the temple during Ganesh Chaturthi to offer prayers and seek Lord Ganesha’s blessings as the remover of obstacles. Families visit together to celebrate the festival and the temple atmosphere resonates with devotion.

Scenic Location

Furthermore, the hilltop location offers breathtaking panoramic views of Nagpur city. The vantage point from the top lets visitors enjoy stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys. One can see the scenic landscape stretch for miles into the distance. It is an ideal spot for photographers and nature lovers.

Serene Ambience

Additionally, the temple exudes a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere perfect for meditation. In fact, the gentle breeze and verdant surroundings enhance the calm and serene environment. The sounds of chiming bells and chants echo gently across the hillside. It is an oasis of serenity in the busy city.

To conclude, the Ganesh Tekdi Temple is an architecturally beautiful shrine with immense religious significance set amidst scenic hilltop views and a serene ambience. It is truly one of the most iconic temple sites in Nagpur.

Ganesh tekdi temple Nagpur Timings

All Day: 07:00 AM TO 9:00 PM

Location of Ganesh tekdi temple, Nagpur

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