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sitabardi Fort, Nagpur

Situated in the heart of Nagpur city, sitabardi Fort is an iconic landmark that stands testament to the city’s rich history. This majestic fort was the site of the historic Battle of sitabardi in 1817 between the British East India Company and the Maratha Empire’s Bhonsle dynasty. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction that offers splendid views of Nagpur.

History of sitabardi Fort:

Construction of sitabardi Fort was commissioned by Mudhoji II Bhonsle in the late 18th century. Its strategic location allowed the Bhonsle rulers to keep a watch on their enemies. The fort witnessed fierce battles between the Marathas and the British during the early 19th century, the most notable being the Battle of sitabardi. While the Marathas bravely fought, they were ultimately defeated, leading to Nagpur coming under British rule.

Architecture and Key Features:

Spread over 48 acres, the sitabardi Fort campus contains several monuments like temples, tanks, and granaries. The fort walls are made of solid stone masonry and surround the central raised ground in octagonal shape. Bastions at each vertex allowed for some great vantage points for soldiers to shoot from. The fort’s imposing entry gate still stands tall as a reminder of the fort’s past glory.

Things to See and Do:

sitabardi Fort offers some great experiences for visitors:

  • Panoramic views of Nagpur city from the fort’s high walls
  • Visit the central Hanuman temple within the fort
  • See old granaries, tank and British residential quarters
  • Enjoy an evening sound and light show bringing history to life
  • Check out the sitabardi market nearby for shopping and street food

How to Reach:

sitabardi Fort is located right in the heart of Nagpur, so it is easily accessible by road, rail or air. Hire an auto, cab or local transport to reach here. The nearest railway station is sitabardi Station while the airport is 7 km away.

Visiting the historic sitabardi Fort provides an immersive experience into Nagpur’s past. With its formidable architecture and central location, it is a must-visit attraction on any Nagpur itinerary.

sitabardi Fort Nagpur Timings

Open to the public: 24 Hrs

  • 26 January
  • 1 May (Maharashtra Day)
  • 15 August

Location of sitabardi Fort, Nagpur

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