Top 10 Places To Visit With Taxi Service in Nagpur

places to visit from nagpur

Explore Top 10 Places from Nagpur with Tanushree Cabs

Nagpur, a vibrant Indian city brimming with culture and renowned for its rich history and delicious cuisine, beckons travelers to uncover its hidden gems. This article serves as a guide to the top 10 places to visit around Nagpur, easily reachable with reliable taxi services.

1. Pench National Park:

A Wildlife Haven

Pench National Park

Located 92 kilometers from Nagpur, Pench National Park allures wildlife enthusiasts with its diverse fauna, including tigers, leopards, and wild dogs. Opt for a convenient taxi service in Nagpur to explore this breathtaking reserve.

2. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve:

Wildlife Oasis

Tadoba National Park

A mere 140 kilometers away, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve stands as Maharashtra’s prized national park, boasting a high tiger population. Embark on thrilling wildlife safaris with the assistance of Nagpur taxi services.

3. Ramtek Fort Temple:

Spiritual Retreat

Ramtek Temple Fort

Situated 50 kilometers from Nagpur, Ramtek Fort Temple, dedicated to Lord Rama, offers a serene ambiance and panoramic views. Accessible within 75 minutes, it’s a must-visit for spiritual seekers.

4. Sevagram:

Gandhi’s Abode

Sewagram Ashram

75 kilometers from Nagpur lies Sevagram, the former residence of Mahatma Gandhi. Delve into history at this pilgrimage site, now a museum showcasing Gandhi’s life and contributions to India’s freedom movement.

5. Adilabad:

Natural Splendor


Adilabad, spanning 200 kilometers from Nagpur, boasts natural beauty and historical marvels, including ancient temples and forts. Discover tribal arts at the Kala Ashram while enjoying a comfortable ride with cab services in Nagpur.

6. Pachmarhi:

Hill Station Charm


280 kilometers away from Nagpur, Pachmarhi, a scenic hill station, awaits nature enthusiasts with lush forests and cascading waterfalls. Revel in the beauty of this destination, easily accessible via best taxi services in Nagpur.

7. Chikhaldara:

Tranquil Retreat


Nestled 230 kilometers from Nagpur, Chikhaldara enchants visitors with serene lakes and verdant valleys. Book outstation taxi service from Nagpur for a hassle-free journey to this picturesque hill station.

8. Kanha National Park:

Wildlife Extravaganza

Kanha National Park

260 kilometers from Nagpur lies Kanha National Park, celebrated for its rich biodiversity and high tiger density. Plan a wildlife adventure with Tanushree Cabs in Nagpur for an unforgettable experience.

9. Bhedaghat:

Marvel at Nature’s Grandeur


Bhedaghat, a town along the Narmada River, showcases nature’s artistry with its marble rock formations. Easily accessible from Jabalpur, this wonderland is a short ride away with car rental services in Nagpur.

10. Ambagarh Fort

Timeless Majesty

Ambagarh Fort

The historic Ambagarh Fort is situated just 145 km from Nagpur. This Fort is an ancient historical marvel, stands as a testament to a bygone era. This fort, steeped in history and heritage, is a captivating site waiting to be explored. Book cab in Nagpur with Tanushree Cabs to explore this fort comfortably.

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