Places To Visit In Tadoba National Park

Places to visit in tadoba

Explore Tadoba National Park with Tanushree Cabs – Your Guide to the Top Attractions

Tadoba National Park is one of the most popular national parks in Maharashtra, India. Known for its rich biodiversity, Tadoba is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna including the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. Spread across 1727 sq km, the national park is divided into three forest ranges – Tadoba, Moharli and Kolsa. The lush green forests, mesmerizing lakes and rivulets along with historic sites within the park make it a haven for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. If you are planning a trip to Tadoba National Park, here are some of the top places to visit in Tadoba:

Tadoba Lake

Tadoba Lake

One of the most scenic spots in the national park, Tadoba Lake is enveloped by woodlands on all sides. Take a boat ride or sit by the banks to spot crocodiles, marsh crocodiles, herons, coil-shaped antelopes and more. The lake also attracts tigers, especially during summers when the big cats come here to quench their thirst. Spotting a tiger by the lake is an experience one can never forget.

Telia Lake

Telia Lake

Telia Lake is another picturesque lake within the national park. Considered a birdwatcher’s paradise, one can spot a myriad of migratory birds near the lake including bronze-winged jacanas, cotton pygmy geese, and painted storks. The dense forest around the lake also provides shelter to deer, sloth bears, leopards and tigers.



Located near the Tadoba Lake, Jamunbodi is a popular place for tiger sightings. The proximity to the lake draws tigers to this spot. One can also spot deer, gaurs, leopards, striped hyenas, jackals and more in Jamunbodi.

Tadoba Interpretation Center

Tadoba Interpretation Centre

To learn more about the history and biodiversity of the national park, visit the interpretation center. Displaying information about the flora, fauna, tribes of the region and conservation efforts, the center helps you understand the Tadoba ecosystem better. Expert naturalists are also available here to answer visitor queries.

Kolsa Range

Kolsa Range

Home to the maximum number of tigers in the park, Kolsa range is an important area. The range also includes the Panchadhara area encompassing five beautiful streams where tigers are frequently sighted. Other animals found here include gaurs, chitals, nilgais, sloth bears, jackals and wild dogs.

Maharli Range

Moharli Gate

Maharli range is another region popular for tiger spotting. The rich bamboo thickets and abundance of waterholes attracts tigers and other animals to this range. Some must-visit areas in the Maharli range include Adegaon, Pangdi and Junona.

Buffer Zone


The buffer zone in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is like a middle ground between where the tigers live and where people stay. It helps animals move around and lets people live nearby while still looking after the wildlife. This zone tries to stop problems between humans and animals and gets everyone to help protect the animals and nature.

When visiting Tadoba National Park, do keep aside a couple of days extra to explore areas around the core tiger reserve as well. Follow park rules, do not litter, stay on designated paths and respect forest guides for a safe and memorable Tadoba experience.

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